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How to Know if You're on Your Soul Path

Updated: May 18, 2020

We all wonder at some point in time if we are on the right path. We question if we're doing the right thing. We wish someone would just TELL us what to do. Yet, instead of trying to make it easier on ourselves, we make it harder.

We end up overthinking things and we question ourselves, which leads us to avoidable stress and anxiety.

At the end of the day, there is no "right" or "wrong“ decision in life. There is only choice. Whichever you choose, you hold your fate in your hands. Sound like a lot of pressure? Don't worry because you're not alone. When you stray from the choices that are aligned with your purpose, your soul path, or your dharma, the universe will send you a big, fat "WRONG WAY" sign to turn you around or reroute you to your divine destination.

We may be the drivers of this human vessel, making the choices and choosing which directions to take, but there is a greater force at work. We are all in this realm to perform some sort of divine duty, or to fulfill our soul's purpose.

But regardless of what I believe, you're reading this because you want to know if you are on your soul's path. I'm going to give you a list of signs to watch out for to confirm that you are.

1. You're happy.

Well, are you?

If you are, and you feel joy often, you are on the right track. Follow your joy. Do the things that make you happy. Those things are a part of the bigger plan at play. If you aren't, sit with that. What about this experience isn't making you happy? What can you change in this moment to shift your perspective to increase your happiness? The universe is asking you to take stock in your life. Look around at what needs adjusting.

2. When something falls through, another opportunity presents itself.

Maybe that thing you thought was going to work out didn't and now you feel disappointed. And then suddenly, something unexpected makes its way into your life and you find yourself on a new pursuit. This may be the universe telling you to keep moving in the direction of your dreams, and to trust that things will work out, even when it feels like they won't. These types of experiences lead us to feel supported and guided on journey.

3. People are noticing a difference in you.

When you're on your soul's path and pursuing your divine purpose, that intention ignites a flame inside of you, and this flame is visible to those around you as well. You might start hearing people compliment you more often or acknowledge you in some way. This increase in attention is due to the increase in your vibrational energy. When you're on the right path, your spirit shines.

4. You feel it in your gut.

Intuition heightened? Feeling more in tune with yourself or the world around you? Gut feelings popping up like crazy? Increased awareness is a side effect of a deeper connection with the divine and the universe.

Don't ignore these signs. Trust your intuition and your gut. Move forward with confidence knowing that these are messages you're receiving that are bringing you closer to where you want to be.

Not experiencing any of these? Don't worry! That doesn't mean you aren't where you are meant to be, it only means that maybe your signs are taking a different form. These are based solely on my experience, beliefs, and knowledge.

Wherever you are on your path, everything you need to accomplish your dreams and goals is already inside of you, and your soul's purpose will be known when the flame inside of you is ignited. You will be able to sense that change in yourself, if you haven't already.

So keep moving, keep learning, and keep venturing into your soul to learn more about who you truly are.

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