When you have a private yoga session with Evolve With Erin, what you get is undivided attention, personalized practices, and ongoing support.  Prior to a session, there is an initial questionnaire which will determine where you are in your practice, what your goals are, and what your specific needs are at that time. Your answers will be used to customize a complete yoga session in which you will be compassionately guided either in person or virtually, depending on your location and availability. Sessions can be purchased individually or in packages/bundles that not only save you money, but allow for your to receive continued support and monitored progress over time.

Private yoga sessions are recommended for you if you:

  • Are committed and devoted to improving your health and wellbeing.

  • Are a beginner, intermediate or total yoga newbie looking to introduce yoga/meditation/mindfulness in your life

  • Are looking to go deeper into certain aspects of yoga (postures, philosophy, etc) and/or want to learn how to meditate.

  • Are working with injury, pain, stress and/or sleep difficulties.

  • Are working to create or modify your own at home practice.

*Please be aware that as I primarily work with clients who are interested in ongoing guidance and support over time, and so I have limited availability for one-on-one sessions. Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.

**Payment plans available for all packages / Discounted rates for ongoing students.


One-On-One Single Yoga Session


5 One-On-One's Bundle

$25 Savings

$700/10 SESSIONS

10 One-On-One's Bundle

$50 Savings

$1300/20 SESSIONS

20 One-On-One's Bundle

$200 Savings

Packages include:
1:1 sessions specifically tailored to your needs.
Yoga Health Questionnaire: To find out about your health history, your needs and your past yoga experience (if any).
Personalized sequences for home practice
Guided meditations (audio) created especially for you to meet your needs and goals
Post-session notes, tips and advice



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